How To Use Vacuum Pump To Bleed Brakes

How To Use Vacuum Pump To Bleed Brakes

How To Use Vacuum Pump To Bleed Brakes. You should see bubbles of air squirting out and into the container of your tool. Connect the hose to the caliper and into the glass jar of brake fluid.

How To Use Vacuum Pump To Bleed BrakesHow To Use Vacuum Pump To Bleed Brakes
Bleeding Brakes with a Vacuum Pump YouTube from

Video tutorial on how to bleed your brakes with a vacuum pump. Start the engine by pressing the start button. Get access to bleeder screws.

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A Screw And Hose Are Located Under The Brake System And Will Be Used To Bleed The Brake Fluid.

Remove dust and grease using shop rag. There are five main methods of bleeding: Set up the brake bleeder.

This Was An Old Video I Produced Back In 2016 And With Some Of The Questions I’ve Had Over The Years, I’ve Decide.

Find the brake fluid reservoir. However, bleeding brakes can be a bit of a daunting job. Repeat the bleeding procedure in the other port (s).

Unplug One Of The Cylinder Ports And Plug In The Vacuum Pump To It.

Activate the pump and open the bleed valve about half a turn. Bleeding brakes with a vacuum pump youtube from Repeat all previous steps on all remaining wheels.

Other Times If Your Brake Pedal Feels Spongy, Air Could Possibly Be Present In The Lines And Will Need To Be Bleed.

Attach adapter and pump assembly, and pump 10 to 15 times. In this video i show how to use a bleeder / vacuum pump to bleed your brakes and replace the brake fluid. Slide the correct sized box wrench on the bleeder screw.

It Is Simple, Affordable, And Generally Very Reliable.

You have to do it several times to get the air out of the line. Loosen the bleeder screw to bleed the brakes. What size tube do i need to bleed motorcycle brakes?

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